Who We Are

About Apical Forestry Consulting Ltd.

Apical Forestry Consulting Ltd. is a consulting company located in Grande Prairie and has been in business for the past 16 years. At Apical we, a number of foresters and technologists, share the load. It shows in that we have been around for 16 years and continue to grow.

Apical has been able to establish and maintain a number of long-term clients by focusing and discussing with the customers what their needs are and providing the product they have requested. Apical can provide services for all aspects of forestry, from the initial block and road design, right through to the final performance Regeneration Survey.

Some examples of the larger projects that Apical has been exposed to over the years are the following:

  • over 8000 ha of block layout,
  • over 30,000 ha of Pre-harvest Assessment and silviculture prescriptions,
  • over 150,000 hectares of regeneration surveys,
  • over 500 establishment and re-measurements of permanent sample plots,
  • approximately 6000ha of Mountain Pine Beetle surveys,
  • monitoring and assessment of planting and stand tending contracts,
  • and a substantial amount of work on the establishment, maintenance and measurement of: WESBOGY research sites, Genetic Tree Improvement Progeny Sites, and Foothills Pine Growth and Yield (FPGY) research sites.

Apical’s planting teams have done over1.5 million trees a year, and considering every year over 300,000 of that is in oil leases, that’s a lot of moving, planning, and tactical. We handle a majority of our seed ordering and well aware of all FRMS regulations and protocols.

We have completed all our projects on time, with high quality, and on budget. Apical has the ability to provide the depth to projects as well as the manpower to complete projects on time and on budget. At present, we employ 12 full time employees; consisting of 2 Registered Professional Foresters (RPF), 3 Foresters in Training (FIT), 3 Forest Technologists that are working towards their Register Technologist status and 3 other support staff. In the summer we also employ up to an additional 20 seasonal employees. Apical takes pride in the quality of the product it produces and encourages any potential new clients or prospective employees to contact us.

Apical is also a service provider for FRIAA for the Grande Prairie, Hinton, and Peace area. In which we manage the silvaculture practices of the land bases harvested under the community timber program. We take great pride and responsibility in the opportunity to do this, as well as the excitement of being able to practice silvaculture responsibility to the best of our ability and do it as frugually as possible.