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Strip Cut Understory Protection Project

Our SCUP project (strip cut understory protection) progressed without any serious hitches in September. Our team in northern Alberta consisted of Jeff, Dan, and Shaun. Working at a steady pace despite the snow fall, they completed each site collecting data and performing moderate site maintenance. An Aerial photo of strip logging blocks and clear cut blocks.…
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What A Year!!!

Getting it Done!!! First of all I want to thank everyone for working so hard this year, yes I wish we were done, we still have about 15000 plots to do, and a swack of psps,  and it looks like its going to be a hard slug through the snow. But compared to what we…
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2011 Winter !!!

Well we made it. Wow what a year, 30,000 regen plots, 1.5 million trees planted, 200 psp’s done, WESBOGY measurements, FGYA measurements, 2 Herbicide programs and the list goes on and on. And we can thank our crazy crews from the hardball planter to the office managers. And now for the bad/good news we are…
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