2011 Winter !!!

Well we made it. Wow what a year, 30,000 regen plots, 1.5 million trees planted, 200 psp’s done, WESBOGY measurements, FGYA measurements, 2 Herbicide programs and the list goes on and on. And we can thank our crazy crews from the hardball planter to the office managers. And now for the bad/good news we are looking at a bigger year next year. So get your breath and we start in January. Looks like we will need to hire some more people to handle the 2.5 million trees, as well as a more foresters and technologists for all the other mulitiple of projects.

On the sad side a number of old management are moving on, but we thank them for their time and are excited for them with their new directions. Jason has moved on to work for weyerhaeuser in grande prairie. Mike has left back to Ontario focusing on his GIS skills. We will also be losing Nicole here with her instant family of twins, however she indicates she will be back in whatever capacity she can as soon as she can, warrior princess to the end. Well again I thank you all again for the wonderful safe and productive year.