Spring is HERE!!!

Its been a long hard winter,  but we have grinded through and we have a lot of work ahead of us. Everything from beetle survival surveys to plant checks.  We are bringing on new customers from more mills, as well as a number of oil and gas companies. Our most exciting adventure is becoming service providers for FRIAA for the grande prairie area. It will be alot of work but a huge opprotunity to learn and develop our forestry skills even further.  We are doing our usual seed tree improvement work, however this year we are venturing into the aspen seed collection world.  As for planting we will be planting between 700,000 to 800,000 trees this year, mainly speciality planting and oil and gas leases.  Of course we are looking at another big year of regeneration surveys from csr’s to RSA estab.  I see our annual regeneration course was a big success again with foresters from all over the North coming.

Of course with all this work comes the responsibility of safety. This year our focus will be on improving our operators driving.  We have had no major accidents this way but with the amount of driving we do and the seriousness that is related we need to be more diligent than ever.  We will be looking into safety driving courses,  reviewing driving policy, as well as bonus and enforcement processes.  Of course ATV operation and working in the bush will be our other main focuses and we will continue to be vigilante on these fronts.  So for those hired on at Apical welcome to a long hard working fun (and safe) season.  For you veterans, duct tape up and get ready to roll.