What A Year!!!

Getting it Done!!!

collageFirst of all I want to thank everyone for working so hard this year, yes I wish we were done, we still have about 15000 plots to do, and a swack of psps,  and it looks like its going to be a hard slug through the snow. But compared to what we got done this year with over 2 million planted, 400 psp’s, 3 progeny site measurements, and of course close to 25000 plots in survey work done, I think thats pretty incredible. Well done everyone!  It has been so crazy that I could not even get to this site to update it, well I guess I could of but I chose sleep and eating over that.  I am also happy to report that we did not have one RI this year (yet) and considering how busy we were, that is pretty awesome. Good job on Our next year looks not as busy but I said that this year and look where it got us.  We are only targeting next year to plant a million trees with about 10-15 experienced planters. We are always accepting new techs and foresters for the more forestry related work such as psp’s, layout, regen and research work.

To be blunt Apical is basically about the best training ground any forester or technologist could have it getting the real education in forestry, from pha surveys to regen surveys you will learn cutting edge feild technology that will help you advance into most mills sivliculture/operation/planning programs.  Ask any mill in Alberta about us and if they know there stick they know us. Incorporated since 2000 and still gettin it done.