West Fraser Hinton Performance Surveys wrap up.

Scott Peddle and Kyle McGregor preparing to head back to town after a solid day of Performance Surveys.The Aerial performance down in Hinton, Alberta began smoothly with mild weather and relatively calm bush roads. A few old winter roads rife with muskeg proved difficult, but the crew surpassed these hurdles, completing blocks and closing up each area.


As the days passed, a flash snowfall accumulated on the peaks of the Rockies and lightly enveloped much of Hinton. It was the dawn of the 2016 hunting season and the roads became increasingly busy with pick-ups trolling for wild game. With the weather fluctuating between hot and cold temperatures, the roads soon became rutted and nearly impassable terrain.


Our crew advanced onward, taking into account the added activity in the woods, and proceeded to survey the Hinton population for West Fraser. Nearing the end of the contract, Scott Peddle and Lisa Kent had crossed paths with a foraging grizzly bear.



Fortunately, they were safe inside their truck and able to capture this excellent video. The Grizzly observed them curiously before wandering off into the woods. Soon after that sighting, Scott and Lisa continued down the road, driving many more kilometers to reach their blocks.

After completing all of the Hinton performance surveys, our crew returned back to Grande Prairie to rest and prepare for the next shift up in Manning. AB.