Who We Are

Apical Forestry Consulting Ltd. has been providing forest/ecological services for the Alberta Government and logging companies since 1999.  
We are made up of a variety of experienced foresters and staff. Apical has been involved in a number of forestry projects and has done everything from the block planning to the final performance surveys. Part of all of this is the budgeting and planning of the projects to make it a successful long-term company with commitment.

What We Do

Apical Forestry Consulting Ltd. has the ability to provide the depth to projects as well as the manpower to complete projects on time and on budget.
Apical has been able to establish and maintain a number of long-term clients by focusing and discussing with the customers what their needs are and providing the product they have requested. Apical can provide services for all aspects of forestry from the initial block and road design right through to the final performance Regeneration Survey.

Come Work With Us!

Each employee will work under the supervision of an experienced forester or technician and on-the-job training will be available before any job is started.
Essential skills that will benefit your productivity will be compassing and distancing, map and photo reading, ability to identify forest plants and trees, take and record plot measurements, and operation of GPS units. For a full job description and requirments, as well as details on wages and conditions, please click here. We look forward to hearing from you!

What About Safety?

Apical is one of the most safety conscious consultants in the industry. We have been COR certified with the Alberta Products Forestry Association since 2000, and we have been registered and in good standing with Comply Works since 2012. We currently have an “A” rating with the ISNetworld.

“Safety is not an attachment in and organization it’s the structure that allows a company to thrive and develop in industry”.

Latest News

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The Apical Spotlight...

For the past 10 years Apical has been doing seed and scion collection for tree improvements programs for mills in Alberta - from aspen to black spruce, from pine to willow. We have also done it for bulk silvaculture programs as well however only the more technical programs. With this, Apical has also done superior tree collection throughout most of Alberta. Click here for a full list of our services, or click the images below for more photos.