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Job Description: Each employee will work under the supervision of an experienced forester or technician. Essential skills that will benefit your productivity will be compassing and distancing, map and photo reading, ability to identify forest plants and trees, take and record plot measurements, operation of GPS units. On the job training will be available to ensure competence before any job is started. Attention to detail and legible handwriting are necessary skills. Good physical condition is necessary as considerable walking will be required. Some jobs involve camp life and outdoor living skills, therefore excellent communication and inter personal skills will be an important part of a successful applicants attributes. Compliance with our safety program is mandatory. Working alone will be required.

Wages: Summer work begins in May and finishes at the end of August. A two-week try out period will apply. Wages are based on ability and skill set. Qualified people maybe allowed to work on a production basis if the proper safety and quality standards are met. The average production/salary target is $200 to $250 a day. Although a normal day will be considered as 8-10 hours, it should be clear that in some cases more hours per day will be required. Any necessary overtime is included in the production rate. Holiday pay is included in the production rate. Length of shifts will depend on logistics and client needs, but 10 on and 4 off is the objective. Full time work goes all year round from surveys to psp’s to a number of research projects we are involved in, there is always something to measure. Wages again are based on skill and what you bring to the table, as well as attitude.

Conditions: If working from Grande Prairie the worker may rent at one of the crewhouses, or holiday trailer campgrounds. When working away from Grande Prairie Room, board, & daily transportation to and from the job site (from the closest town) will be provided by Apical. The successful applicant will have all his/her own basic forestry equipment such as vest, compass, field ranger, rain gear, as well as sleeping bag. While in the field camps, domestic duties such as cooking, washing dishes, cutting firewood, hauling water are shared by all and considered part of the working day. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to associate with highly experienced forestry workers in a wide range of topography and vegetation types throughout Alberta and north-eastern British Columbia.

Applications: Resumes that include education, experience, volunteer work, relevant aptitudes as well as work related references should be mailed to the address below. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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